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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

directions ? 7/12/16

when directions don’t assume an a-to-b
or from a here to there
not linear by any means
even any sense of location to start with
is but a mere guise to identify
oh there may be a calling
it may seem like it is far away to sense
so many assumptions behind direction’s cause
but imagine that you are not somewhere in assessment
you are not taking with or leaving behind
there are no particulars to observe,
as if you are passing by
there maybe a drawn-ness to it as a focus
paradoxically it is already of you
as you imagine yourself going to it
in revelation, it is a self-reflection, to be identified
and so you say as if  response:
space seems to be confounding in the account
how could it not be a there?
when there was no where out there to start with!
and more puzzling, didn’t go any where to get there
so can you give me some directions?
I know I am wanting to hear some
and for now, I seem to be going in circles,
though smaller then before
I feel like I have binoculars in my mind’s eye
but I can’t get there from here without still being here
so you say I not going, but I am still getting?
I don’t know how directions work any other way
is this just imagination that I am attempting to do?
if so, my viewing room doesn’t go anywhere
I am still here for that kind of looking out
I am stumped for any kind of effort to pursue
but I say in response:
okay, so what if true directions
were only drawn-ness from with in?
where by the only way to get there is if there is here
is for that there to come to you
that there comes by ‘similars attract’ kind of directions
you get there by becoming it of yourself
it came to you by your calling from deep within
you find there as it expresses deeply as you
then that there is always here
and you now have a sense of direction and directedness
not to be confused by an ‘a to b’ or a here to there
this will take you where you need to go . . .

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