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Friday, July 15, 2016

38th contemplation of desire 7/15/16

Desire penetrates the read of purpose,
giving to next lines, projection's promise,
giving to next paragraphs, deeper interests,
giving to next pages, highlighted themes,
needing different internal authors,
yet unheard.
Desire insinuates the clarity of purpose
by attending to the candidness, suggestively,
positioning images reciprocal to shifting values,
flooding the origin sense
with deep drawn rhythm and surge
towards peak, (the verb) experience
and diluting continuance's stayed attendance
with upstage talk, inwardly whispered loudly
eventually cavorting with the internal-self audience, 
stealing from the static sense of things,
the momentum of headlong desire’s persistence.
The otherwise stated purpose, now rhetorical,
sensor and sensing tasks are in dialogue
with desire’s "love of vision".
Desire has no intentions
with previously stated purposes.
Desire takes those seeds of purpose
to satisfy its stream of being
through its own energies
towards new vision’s progeny.

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