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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Isness is absurd 7/26/16

With isness,
it’s incidental that you are the experiencer.
Experience itself, is an embellishment
as a wardrobe warn by every being
as a version of self in consciousness.
Who you are only has isness
as ever presenting,
as uneventful.
Isness cannot be displaced
into another point in time
and gains nothing from any time depictions. 
Isness has no capture, no reset,
and no substitute
as if one speaks or addresses this isness;
they are only referring to themselves
in discovery yet referenced
as if separate from themselves.
Isness is your instrument playing
as you may get a sense for that
by a conscious means
but never the capture.
That there is this term called ‘isness’
does not preclude any true identification
or declaration of essence,
for isness leaves language far removed
as even thought may never catch a glimpse
and if so, only as a hand-me-down
outside of the scrutiny of sanity
or any common sense usage.
Isness can never play tag
since there is no separateness to begin with.
Isness is never in dialogues
or comparative truth situations.
Isness lacks true self as consciousness,
as we know of it,
for there is no description of isness
that does not include the fabric of everything as altogether
and to have a term for everything at once
is a conundrum of language usage unto itself. 
Like say, one hand clapping is a constant
but not for the experiencer.
Language is a subsidy of time
that memory retention constantly lobbies for
as our reality.
Hurt me with details,
isness is absurd,
but laughter abounds . . .

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