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Thursday, July 28, 2016

40th contemplation of desire 7/28/16

Desire makes for a "lost and found"
as things present out of context in the surround
but formally nesting deeply within the mind.
Desire finesses into our attention
with irrevocable longing,
having knighted everyone
as a being of emissary,
from minuscule abstract then brought to light.
They themselves from essence’s scent.
This spiritual kernel coming from the innermost
while the flesh of now, promotes and parades
the fill of evidence and circumstance.
But by devouring the now,
the power of desire is nighted into consciousness
this is how to hold it quite privately but bold.
Desire need not be at affect
of so instantaneously "bought and sold."
For desire is the harvest
from kingdom’s of self,
coming forth but yet untold . . .

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