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Sunday, July 24, 2016

how understanding works, is baffling 7/24/16

how to understand, not why or what but how, is baffling

to a non-dualist, experience is blasphemy

linear thinking is cognition’s crippling reductionistic means
conclusions are the re-visitation of still-shot versions of life

language lobbies for oversimplifications as if the truth

doing belief re-substantiates the past as the present

with experience, there are no original moments
just facsimiles framing comparative oddities as noted

self-consciousness gives us versionary accounts of ourselves, almost instantaneously anecdotal

we have consciousness as an awareness aside
and not as an isness of being

if I have expectations then I am leveraging a future 
into  premade conclusions, looking for evidence to support 
my process by the confirmation of the present as proof 
of the future by validation of the past

when I speak in sentences, I am holding a lit candle 
in clear daylight at noon, asking you to personally feel the heat of that flame

details line up in my awareness as the fabric of distraction 
that I am choosing to wear as the wardrobe of my mindfulness

nothing is always pending but I only see it that way

“if you ask me”, that is only a form of collusion in that 
we only agree to agree or disagree about a premise 
we both agree to, as confirmed into relevance

in non-dualism, there is no action of confirmation 
outside of being of itself

if I have intention then I am bringing excess as gifts 
to this select moment in time

emotions were not originally designed to be positional,
for the language of feelings is not articulations of meaningful

words are captive slaves of sound , 
as prisoners of the retentive mind’s certitude

everything I say belittles me by mindful confinement

I am the bleed-out of my human contract to be conscious

every concessionary moment of my sanity 
is a slow form of personal suicide

the only riddle to life is that I see it as problematic

if my whole life was just breathing in, 
I could reflect on the oneness of being with mindless clarity

that I experience birth and death is only excess baggage 
to my sense of spirit and the indomitable nature of soul

in oneness, I can’t be bothered with self aware as existence

meditation does not exist as selected or declared, 
it just always is of everything yet undiscovered as such

in non-dualism, there is no where, 
as if location was space specific to come upon,
no when, as if now was not all of time present,
no how, as if being excluded from the isness existed 
for function to be a method of observational need,
and no why, as if oneness needed comprehension 
to sense isness as oneness connected

that I have time substantiate my existence, 
keeps me spellbound, mesmerized by the falsehoods, 
always fast approaching

logic is only the strength of a metaphor, taken seriously . . .

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