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Monday, July 4, 2016

The beach is awash 7/4/16

I walk on a beach of being
occasionally I pick up pebbles
put them in my mouth
they speak my words for me
my mind condones passively
without formal attention paid
there is laughter that comes
brings me to the brink of now  
as I grab for it
with the grasp of attention
it, who brought me,
laughs at the me
for the attempted response to the invite
how to embrace
from the silence of the laugher
without effort, gesture, meaning,
or the seduction of repose
no moment pays it forward with memory
or assumptions being in carriage of charge
nextness is a shill
and to, by entitlement, assume
hand-me-down thought processes
or elbow-to-elbow as if by association
as the intended tool-work
in a falsified timely manner
this ability to think
presumes in that we believe
that we are in time
every event depicting it,
is eventfully losing it.
the method of experience is life with a camera 
and a mission as if based on story
senses lobby for foundness
but in the vaster presumed context of lostness
language condones separateness
as if we are stand-alone significance
there is no grip of experience on oneness
no traction brought to words
no foreground obliterating
the background connected enormity
there is no search
no gain of sacredness
or security, or soul
nothing of a triumphant nature
produces sufficient stature
surrender is to give up objects,
attachment, attempts at depiction,
self as relevant dialogue
any causative nature to thought
even the frame sense of surrender
must volunteer to it’s backup plans
to nothingness
so that no perception is served
by surrender as its formula
the beach in its grandness, is awash
and pebbles have their moments
being these, tumbling of words . . .

(this is the beginning of the 8th year of daily blog posts) . . .

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