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Monday, March 5, 2018

wish for fallen up 3/5/18

walk me into this wish
behind your happenstance
hold my hand with your illustrious voice
as we go
my heart is pounding
to match up with yours
I feel like wings I never had
have come into play
we are drinking
from the same auric chalice
each sip for me,
eliminates what shadows would cast
I am invisible
to the haunts of my past in this light
the animation of this
humbly overwhelms my senses
your privacy has become
open sky to me
whatever I can muster as worth
I will gladly give to you
all my emotions work
at servicing this wish as dream
there is, for me,
expanse, enormity and elation
all that I could know,
sells me short of this as being
awakened, as from here to there,
does not readily apply
not a baptism, not a rite of passage,
nor a new beginning
it is but a coming home
to letting go in all ways
it is beyond what thought could or would contain
this, as heart-brain,
embraces by immersion into oneness
I wish for what you wish
as if we are that one
there is no other way, means, or source
my every act surrenders
into and beyond the fold
for oneness has no close by
as if a dimension of intimacy
no distance to present
as friendliness or pleasantries
and if by thought as existence,
one continuous as unbroken
and in-breath of lifetimes
and an out-breath of renunciation
waves that I pass
are on the ocean of oneness
running deep
I have fallen up
and I can’t get down or undone . . .

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