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Monday, March 19, 2018

what is at play 3/19/18

consciousness always trumps physics
how we do understanding,
is forever in question.
assumptions are made,
before becoming curiously so.
how then does curiosity work,
eventually has to be asked.
right or wrongly is an irrelevant pursuit,
for there is so much baggage to thought of itself.
unwittingly every action is a tea ceremony
of the conscious mind in self-authorship.
but there is always an identity crisis in this search.
language, as means, does not help with that process.
knowing of itself, is actually a state of impotence,
always once removed
from the real process of being.
we live around our being-ness by this knowing.
we are a self-commodity, eventful only to ourselves.
we are somehow conventionalized
as if captivated by an awareness existence.
we slip-stream through life as our own personage,
enveloped in whatnots and act-outs.
one cannot escape the construction of this as ‘defined’.
self-consciousness, as the imprint, only produces withholds,
in that, there is an implied worth to self,
intentionally carried forward.
what is deeply buried in science, as of itself, denies.
that which we call mindful as inquiry, falsifies.
deeper truths essentially have no audience or approval.
when you go into oneness, there is no baggage,
mind has no privilege,
freedom has no syntax of existence,
and quantum is, as a last understanding,
ceases to consciously exist . . .

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