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Sunday, March 18, 2018

what heart-felt means 3/18/18

there is an imposition of sidedness
as if topic is always center stage.
find me the mind of that writer.
let’s sneak a peak at the hidden agenda.
a linear mind is always an ongoing sucker.
dualistic thinking itself is a paralysis
whereby everybody limps towards conclusions.
the podium for expounding is made up of assumptions
and the stage has no deep relevance.
people act out their darkest in disguise.
control garnishes agreement as it is approval.
if my think is your think
then we already know and feel.
any contention is isolation calling out.
words don’t say the truth
but the tone of their voices does.
the decode is learned from empathy.
if my scope and your scope overlap
then we can learn from each other,
ever expanding our shared comprehension.
remembering that scope is multi-mediums,
mind, heart, feel and say
hurled from beyond intelligence
by a heart-felt means . . .

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