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Thursday, March 15, 2018

13 steps in all directions 3/15/18

ego is all about capture by latent occupancy

normal humanized attention is species myopia

the supreme under-current presumption is
   of singular as self

we have limited sensory range by method, madness
   and the nature of how we do identification

our entrapment from mindfulness conforming to
   language-usage is false occupancy

the overwhelm that devours from retentive mind
   has enterprise and comes from practice

our methods of manifestation,
   to lowest common denominator
   is where by it all comes to us
   more so than we go to it

the complex example by usage
   is of our phenomenological perspective

that the nature of our knowing is only compositional

the misnomer that gross is more sensory valid than subtle

discovery that our experience is only self-reflective inquiry

to realize that all movement is yoga when spirit ordained

and that reality is living cognitive dissonance,
   actualized . . .

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