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Saturday, March 3, 2018

contagious acts of kindness 3/3/18

where eventfulness is always the caldron,
the keepsake is yet disguised
for the energy to pass,
though the rituals are behavioral.
the essence is in the sourcefulness present,
the unbounded broadcast of simmering love
as caring, coming forth from within.
it is never really the act
but more so, the source place
from where it evocatively originates.
from there, the meltdown of resistance and restraint
and the authenticity of love sets forth into action,
potentially starting a wildfire of freeing up,
coming home to connectivity,
ever embracing, on display.
this is the aurora borealis of love made evident,
the sky of collective hearts expressing as one,
the harvesting of feelings,
filling the airways,
where each next breath is invitational.
how to start?
with the contagious acts of kindness
as revolution,
as a bliss-context
ever-rising . . .

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