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Saturday, March 24, 2018

the hidden nature of knowing 3/24/18

knowing goes on as pure-state isness.
knowing, in that state,
is the lake of ongoing existence.
us swimming in the lake of knowing
is metaphorically like us habitually coming up for air.
we have a self, breathing outside of the lake-ness.
we, being aware of the lake
yet breathe is of self-preoccupancy.
we feel for the lakeness all around
but are separate from it,
yet being in it.
but only by our awareness as separate to it.
still wet all over,
as just surfacing, as with breath justifying,
knowing of it, being one in the same to us.
it is as if each breath is a thought filled with knowing.
yet think maybe the underwater swim of it.
then, truly saturated in it
and taking a fuller awareness of the lake from it
as a form of knowing
by being a thought-party to it
in a fuller way,
then a breath-need comes
and therefore surfacing follows.
us, as a knowing, is spectatorship,
no matter how wet we get.
there is still a distance from the lake-sense of being.
it is the living as the knowing
and we take our experiencing from that.
the lake means nothing to us as immersion
unless we are deeply in it.
we can reference the lake at a distance
from our sense of us
but that is circumstantial
almost as memory is referential to us as knowing.
to be in the know
is to not be a being caught up in self-consciousness
as our referencing method of aware.
in knowing of self as the last stage of pronouncement
is as if a lip-service to ourselves,
imprinting as our awareness.
knowing, as a phenomenon, is not relevant
or essentially important to the mind that think it.
once thought, then something else is made
out of the staging of the think
as if that result is related to cause.
think without ego or self presence is a natural state.
what we have done with that process,
the think of it,
as a coming into knowing,
is self-sacrilegious.
imagine that the breeze is a knowing,
the flow of water in a stream is a knowing,
a landslide is a knowing,
rain is a knowing
and we as a think, are a knowing.
but as thought,
there is an imposition of a thought version,
a self-consciousness intervention
in a substitutional way
that buries the essence and the origin of knowing
into a presentational style
and then overtly so, by communicational exchange.
this gloss is prominent and overriding.
it is as if every know is swaddled and framed
in a self-consciousness of knowing away from source.
in this sense, know is not lived but trialed.
it is contextually refabricated
into a self-absorbed environment
as if our reality is
the-cart-before-the-horse existence, personified.
yet a thousand times a day
every person is assaulted with know,
by psychic means,
by emotional means,
by intuitive means,
by spiritual non-religious means,
even by shear unjustified intelligence means
that go unattended, unacknowledged,
unannounced to the self
and proceed shiftlessly unattended
through a conscious state of otherwise, full awareness.
as if thought dampens
what any form of know would provide.
only in spontaneous movement
do we venture into the know
without self-approval as governess.
yes, we still ride the horse of intendedness of action
but the swim takes on a life-entry of its own
in the lake of being.
that we know, is blessed.
that knowing has become so adulterated and blasphemous, 
is only reflective
of the state of our evolutionary development as a species.
with the soul-searching intention
is to give up the knowing
to be the know,
and then to give up the know
to just be . . .

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