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Monday, March 26, 2018

my mother-board 3/26/18

I made the world around me
the switch that turns on
my internal mother-board.
I use the method of experience
to program, alter and control
the mother board functions of myself.
everything around me 
is I-max movie to me.
my operations instructions are not always clear.
there are times spent
reading the fine print
in total darkness.
there are other times
when I lack the physical skills
to operate the motherboard efficiently.
the operating manual,
as conceived by consensus reality,
seems ineffective going forward.
it seems that my motherboard
is always stressing
under new updates and revisions.
my operating manual lives a life of being
a second voice within me.
my claim, said to myself,
is that this whole thing runs on solar
and doesn’t need any input from batteries . . .

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