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Thursday, March 8, 2018

pool of thought 3/8/18

if I throw a rock of think into a pool of thought
apparently it would sink
yet with surface waves generated
as if thought rippled and spread.
nonetheless the rock of think has sunk
but the surfaces tension feels like aliveness spreading.
the lake becomes ever-so much bigger
with every think that is thrown in.
hearsay generates the wind
causing the surface tension of the lake to be
both superficially pacified 
and excited into turbulence.
waves form 
as if from self-consensusness as momentum.
each think is not of the lake
but appears to be deeply submerged within it.
think got all wet with language in passing
when tossed into the lake.
with enough think tossed in,
the shoreline is ever rising.
maybe evaporation saves our souls.
clouds form, ever relocating.
rain happens, understanding occurs.
flash floods then get our attention.
it is then that water is the tongue
of the spoken word to be revered.
even if understanding escapes us at that time
we’re basically composed of water
yet potentially afraid of our own shadows.
an ocean of oneness ever awaits.
enough think, then thought generated,
ever flowing towards that sea . . .

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