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Friday, March 2, 2018

change 3/2/18

there is no such thing as change.
the mechanics of change
are actually only a perceptual style,
a rendering point of view.
it is substitutional, at best,
as one for another and call it change
but still with the same mindset,
no advancement of in-depth mind-view,
didn’t alter the actual viewing style,
just traded one view for another.
and so the deeper mechanics of awareness
are unmoved, unaltered,
and no greater depth perceived.
change is just a linear viewing method.
yes, by appearances, it senses differently
but it is the same audience of self
with the same audience skills observing
in much the same way
yet preoccupied with the newness
in the same old way of sensing.
change is a hustle yet popular to experience
as it is the outer world impressing.
change is just next-ness happening in a timeline way.
nothing really changes but perception carries on
to an audience that is titillated
with the experience of new and different.
nothing internal is shifted in that act of change,
whatever the brain occupancy.
transformation is developmental,
change is not.
the inner work from transformation
gives an in-depth perspection of self.
in growth, everything is additive,
comprehension is vaster of presence,
there is deeper sense of involvement,
and a richer participation, interactionally.
change is the activity of bystanders,
assuming their status as solely watcher.
there is hidden inertia to change eventually.
no matter the in-depth factual account accrued,
changes’ advance is sedentary and concretizing.
change is a fix that eventually becomes a platitudinous fix.
comparative truth is littered with change narratives.
the demystification of change demands inner awareness.
change by perception is a lockdown and a lockup.
sure we swim in it all day long as negotiable,
as it provides a backdrop for the transformational to exist.
but no one is demanding transformation to occur.
that is a self calling and subsequent destiny.
change is not about to foster personal growth
but the discovery
that change is change changing
may open the transformational door,
widely, broadly, almost unconditionally so . . .

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