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Sunday, March 11, 2018

the flight of feelings 3/11/18

feelings, as tall as steadfast redwoods
within me.
taking on the in-breaths and outputs
as if ephemerals in nature.
momentary carvings from beliefs and decisions,
made with the tools of insight and surrender.
moments pass, making this all appear
and reappear
as a forest, forever in a growth-death process.
a long view of the nature of life
in the becoming.
it appears within me
as if a bird of pray,
riding the updrafts of awareness
while seeking the what-next
that vision offers.
I so want to be part of the sky
that never has to land
but travels and soothes by the override
as blessing to all
that is overseen.
feelings that want to take flight
into the ever-last,
to be the quiet momentous,
calm beyond observable
yet consecratingly dynamic in passing . . .

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