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Saturday, March 17, 2018

mind-work are just memes 3/17/18

the definitiveness of mind-work
as in addressing the intake of experience
with its radical infighting,
as comprehension versus participation
where human-accounts register in still-shots.
even movement registers as stills in transitions,
taken in translation as constants.
while sound-ways get closer proximities
to the actual motions of life.
but in clarified ways towards meaning,
there is no proximity of closeness at all.
we, as humans, leave our fingerprints everywhere
but we fail to hardly ever take our gloves off.
our ideal of travel is to document everything
as in where we go and what we do
as a false notion of full participation.
familiarity allows, provides and enforces
that we takes on rolls
as the caretaker of the land,
the foreman of the circumstance,
the curator of our valuables,
the landlord of the property,
primary historians of the ongoing story,
even the warden of our familiarity prison
and the overseer of the forward plan.
all these are forthcoming conclusions
that quite secretly exist as assumptions already made
with the still-shot assignments as permanent directives.
our ever-flow then seems to be in a pretend
where all of this exists as functional props
in dedicated service
to this as our mind-work adaptation for real.
it is as if reality is a bad game of “captain may I”,
while all of that which composes the real reality
has to sneak around doing what is naturally does,
when we are not sensing.
essentially, (our mind-work is just
a series of ongoing memes) . . .

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