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Sunday, February 18, 2018

you also being me 2/18/18

I have tried to get into the fabric of you
by sight and smell and touch
the images stops at the door of my eyes
I don’t like the looking across
with the declared space in between
I can never loose the distance by sight
but I can go inside myself and feel
you are much closer that way
not so much body to body
but field to field as if coming into one field
not so much as separate disappearing
but one field emerging as if a deeper recognition
I know of myself better by this occurrence
it is stupid to name you as see you as over there
somewhere within there is a virtual oneness
I am grounded by that as an awareness
can’t explain, not sure feelings would justify
to me, very Siamese-like but in an etheric way
share thoughts without a need for conclusions
the obviousness of real conversation is late, falls short
all peoples should eventually be like this
this is not a pronouncement of love
nothing eventful as if to represent
if this is a streaming of consciousness
as if two are one, we want more and more often
I would want everyone to have a connection like this
in their daily life going forward
we are not the same world for how or that this happens
this must happen unannounced daily around the world
either by accident or by practices intended this way
I wouldn’t call it prayer, maybe a kind of empathy
when I think back, this could have occurred before
but I was too consumed in something
to not be able to pay attention in this deeper way
for me, there are faint first steps like this every day
but for some reasons, not sure, I have turned away
sort of like vibes but not justified or that evident
but in this case, soothing in the overwhelm
my field of being and attention must be larger and softer
this isn’t physical in the obvious but still presents as real
I just can’t have judgment and then resist directly
it feels more like swimming once the fluidity is realized
damn, once I realized this, at a very subtle level
this is going on almost constantly when people are around
I just have had or developed a resistance as if for protection
this is so strange to not be in it all of the time, consciously
there is this enormity but not, can’t prove it, but is
why would I have ever pushed to feel singularly alone?
I look at fear and wonder how that ever got started
so many levels to being a person and avoiding this
all these levels do exist yet being aware seems strange
like we are trained to go around sort of isolated
but this is there and happening all of the time
just not accounted for and otherwise approved of
yet my every want includes this connection to exist
I secretly wanted crowd to become one family
one family to be all close friends
for all my friends to be of one cause
maybe that would look like the same mindset
and then the world would make more sense to me
well we sort of our the world
but in so many broken pieces
maybe this is the get-back that everyone has to approach
I am not happy or sad about it either way
but there is a feeling of destiny calling within me
and I want to be open to this possibility through me
so I am looking forward to meeting you and being you
as you also to being me  . . .

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