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Friday, February 2, 2018

so think 2/2/18

so think,
just straightforwardly think
but don’t come back with thought
think without any receivership of thought
unhinge from recognition
give-up on the visuals that implore meaning
leave from dimensions and specifics
that pause you for cause
release from even yourself
for the freedom to think
without restraint,
without s self-management
think without reluctance
or the approach of identifiables
no handrails, no habituals,
no hidden agendas, no guidelines
leaving behind any physical sensibility
as anchor, or axis, or redemption
not a leaving behind or a going towards
no sense of scale or interest in location
just think without the drafting of experience as curiosity
as if sound without the hearing
or sight without the seeing
or touch without the physicality of feel
just think
without any sense of containment
as action by movement
or familiarity as being
without surrender to any itness
just think as the clear-essence without register
the beyond of the reference of anything  
beyond everything,
so let think . . .

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