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Sunday, February 25, 2018

rituals of oneness 2/25/18

the dogs of knowledge fight over the meat of us
personal interest is splattered in many directions
the walls of awareness are covered in reactive memories
can hear the howlings inside us as we are the captives
feel for the struggle of breathing clean air
an intake without oppression as the invading smell
why have a mind if refuse is all that is offered
everything ingested seems to have a mind game to it
touch is like an island of dream-redemption, so far away
disaster, as an awakening, is the only prayer we honor
graphic and over-demonstrated seems to appeal
the act-outs gather in a collective force of concern
the one-time audience doesn’t matter, as now players do
blessedly, there is no score but for wellbeing and survival
what has happened to common mind outside of chaos?
concern, whatever the distance makes the oneness real
so the teapot of alarm gets sipped,
every empathy cup is nourishing
we are always the rituals of oneness
yet to be declared . . .

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