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Saturday, February 24, 2018

a conclusionary existence 2/24/18

we are deeply ensconced in a mind-bog
a closet of conclusions that firmly adore us
a threadbare wardrobe of verbal weaponry
amoebas of thought-consequence
that breed a projected landscape of conclusions
a knighthood of reactive-defense in residence
we all speak conclusion as if it is native tongue
a woven carpet of premises for protection’s call
where by tone only escorts the technicalities raised by talk
dueling in syllables as conclusions are fencing with foils
conclusions confront the now to be made over
into that which was already perceived from the past
expectations join forces to support that cause
spontaneity is an outlier in demand but facing resistance
unrehearsed as a state of being is hard to come by
conclusions live a migratory life day by day
in a state of appraisal, as an acquired skill, that lives within
conclusions take stances, impose perceptions as reign
hard to be free from within as conclusions abound
conclusion-speak is a way of life, superficially successful
in that light, we are a species kept in conclusion’s zoo
free spirits may find it a bit difficult to take flight then land
everything identifiable is already spoken for by conclusions
everything legal is as if by law a conclusion’s paradise
yet conclusions do not produce the nectar we all seek
we search to sip the beyond even if as to drink alone
new thought has no home-base residence to speak of
new feel is only a diary entry done without the use of words
eventually conclusionary is but burdensome to carry on
we need a new language base usage that does not conclude
how can that be?
a life beyond the syntactical basis of conclusion’s origin
could that ever be vocal in nature?
could language usage ever be only a capella-additive?
where agreement isn’t a mindful decision but more so a be?
how deep would we have to go to get to where
we are that consciousness of one?
a conclusionary existence preforms as prohibitive to that.
maybe conclusionary is mindful existence
while living is more the art of feelings in coalesce
set free . . .

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