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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

positionality 2/7/18

positionality resides in the land of conclusions
a homegrown from decisions with live-in residence
a homeowner of standardized beliefs
a strategists with initiative perspectives
wants the world to be working in their way
implores assumptions of right and wrong
has upkeeps and drab
correct and inconceivable
valuable and essentially worthless
features defense for themselves, there of
or outright appropriate manipulation
is a sucker for topic, alarm, alert, and protect
projection is a positionalist’s proper perception
easily lives in surveillance as matter of fact
assumes the value of homespun logic
can be an alarmist if out-of-place appears
duly noted features future topics of concern
advances the steadfast as most practical
addicted to the news either very local or national
relies on superficial communication
unless with close friends
has strong opinions even if never publically expressed
few are contrarians, working with the same principles
do not realize how heavily capitalism is invested in it
they, as customers, customers
are the conviction of sidedness
comparative truth unevenly shared is still their religion
for relief, entertainment is seen as spontaneity presence
worth is a grasp repeated and reiterated with consistency
judgment is a self-esteem measure by self-carriage
agreement is a lessening of the general alert
positionality features ventilation concealed behind topics
restimulations dressed up in opinions disguised as themes
life in the cross-hairs seems to be the focus intended
but the medium of focus is a duping in and of itself
it is almost habitual to see something and take a position
to render a conclusion and to seek the defense their of
as superficial as this can be, one assumes its relevance
positionality is a freeze-frame dysfunctional technique
does not honestly allow for input to register
eventually positionality is a maintenance activity
one becomes the caretaker of both story and account
nothing current possible just revisit in a reframe
one only is what one’s positions justify
as if proof of one’s worth is a daily activity of struggle
and one’s original unsaid, privately held contention,
is their lack of self worth to start . . .

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