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Monday, February 12, 2018

eventfulness died 2/12/18

your presence is a melt-ice-to-water highway
evaporative into fragrant levitational means
mystical flower-colors coming on as sightless beauty
my stoic-self is intensely humming in perceived stillness
there is this crusade of sensory input coming my way
I am cobblestones of humbleness for you to tread upon
I have a village of soul and a timeless parish of embrace
have we met before under different mediums of being?
all surfaces facing me are made of smiles
what dimension does that, that is not made of love?
I was initially observant but now I am immersed
experience is all surfaces facing sky
we are now volumes for where we, you and I, once were
this depth has carriage while meaning is for saving lives
I am a migrant worker-mind for how of earth we are
every bee alive has more purpose than I mindfully do
I am taken up as you are volcanic smolder and plunder
you are my sight in a world-less way of being one
what happened that eventfulness died and sooth continues?
is this lament an ascendency
as I am gleefully wagging my tongue?

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