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Monday, July 3, 2017

what environ meant (as if early morning sex) 7/3/17

the day, slate grey facing down the ever green
sandwiched somewhere from within but between
we, the humans as monoliths in our own minds
facing off towards each other
amidst this high-low backdrop it seems
we, the actors,
nature, as if the props
we, in full costumes, as selves of animation
in a graze of impending trance-circumstance
a live root off the tree of smolder
is realized as upward primal intending
we, the tree of life, bare leaf sounds of sirens in silence
she of initiation,
in response, arises into mountain assemblage
as she climbs aboard with promises deeply brewing
first, there is aliveness meeting up with inner lather
a settling of mood then a saddling of circumstance
shivers of constrictions feeding the smolder
the highland becomes a massif
as if steadied towards storming
it is a time-lapse speeded up into real time motions
her face, as our feminine self,
becomes a ridgeline of expression
the gasping anoints any emotion of effort
acceleration carving upheavals towards tumultuous
quivers in an uprising to storm as the towering
unbridled cascading towards the heightened sky
unrestrained coming to the crest in facial manifest
her eyes bearing witness with all that is advancing
the mountain of meaningful is in primal, demanding
inwardness is bellowing, undulations are writhing
the snarl of strong emotion grips the moment
her hands rise up in nips and handing out tweaks
beckonings to further the gratifying upward into stir
exhaustedness sighs to
for the land upon the mountain is fulfilling
while I lie low,
beneath the awakening, towering above me
I get restless agitating in this mountain
the snarls go voicelessly upward, unspoken
with a firmness of grip in the hand-jaws of churning
I drive the landscape to maddening heights
our elements of being are taken up in the fusion
the pour down is fabulous as it is a smolder invite
the mountain shakes the earth it resides upon
upheaval calls back, the undertow speaks up
the reach is within the grasp, we both fall up
thunder now has lips, rootedness has lightning
the mountain comes to satisfy,
the landscape releases and laughter comes in showers
the swim has motion, the ocean has sky
the past rides off
and this now is beyond gratify . . .

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