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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

existence glorified 7/11/17

far beyond the headwaters of hearing,
beyond the evocatives of breathing
as the drumming of the bloodline,
before the shaping of clouds becomes,
before molecular is reduced to the achievement of mass,
before ‘finding’ was a medium as a means,
before understanding had a need for confirmation,
way before time gave a conjugated sense to existence,
before knowing had a locational setting as a context,
even before recognition was a sense of frame,
before ‘before’ became the emcee introducing now,
I take off these clothes of knowing.
I strip down from any sense of assumptions.
I lay bare in an ‘I-less’ existence.
there we all are as a ‘we’, but of no distinction.
yet a descriptive sense of ‘I’ lingers in obligation
to codify as if words had become the measure.
but mindfulness is only representational.
I leave behind all of this, in its full frontal
and all of the sense of space in surround
to feel for the full of empty
without any sense of boundary to impress.
to feel like I am in a constant embrace, kissing the sky
and all of gravity is applauding with its attention.
I am where complexity is as soft as sheen.
touch is embodiment realized.
knowledge is then useless to being in this regard.
go where you are one with it all
and surrender from separation
as if it is as existence glorified . . .

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