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Friday, July 7, 2017

no audience 7/7/17

sunshine only comes face to face
this truth, no words yet undeniable presence
politics is litter, along the highway of life
passion is normalized extremism of self-necessity
breath, a sacred metronome for human orchestration
tears, rivers of feelings, need to daily stream
we all are lost, as words without tonality,
this bleed, a quiet meaningless
history’s promise is but the exhaust of errors
in a perfect world, memory is not the provider
I am not living expectations
but seek to abandon them
I don’t want ‘want’ to guide me,
anticipation is shallow and haunting
give me contentless think, without boundaries
just the hum of it, as collective soul
where recognition is inclusion by immersion,
is not the whip used to identity
where we gave up we,
for oneness, not knowing of itself
is where the collective lost its identity,
and thus became source
where outpour is existence, ever as the flow
nothing to say where words are the capture
experience ceases to identify, cogitate, or account
joyless joy is the cavity search,
being in time is that method
exuding radiance without evidence
where coherence pervades
understanding becomes in-phase surrender
levity, as lightheartedness, is the coalesce
embracing beyond the fabric of sensibility
no words or actions amount to the presence of love
matter is itself, an ecstasy,
we are that composition,
dazzle and blaze, fertile and wondrous,
no one is audience
all of energy is the dance . . .

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