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Sunday, July 9, 2017

soul in carriage 7/9/17

how blessed it seems
in the way it overcomes me
when I look up and out into another’s eyes
to see past their thousand-past lifetimes of carriage
past the shadowing sidewalls of traumas and carnage
looking for the lantern of light
coming through in them,
in the way they are with harbor
yet bearing their soul
to see that in someone,
from one of those past lifetimes
where their longing of spirit
meet up with and ignited conscious
into their light as presence,
where the spirit became
indomitable and unsinkably present
out-pouring as low-key radiance,
where there is no possible distraction for them
with living on in lifetimes
subtly lit up, going forward
I am affirmed
in their personality indifference to me
grateful my projection
offers no measure of being to them
to solicit any evident response
they, in turn, look through me
in confirming gaze
we may pass without any further notice intended
but the energy between us
expands and lingers
old souls to old souls know
this code of presence
there are no greetings,
no eventful exchanges
nothing is reduced to the need to identify
simply light to light as light
soul in carriage
all else of existence,
in service to that cause . . .

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