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Sunday, July 16, 2017

belief 7/16/17

when I do belief, as in believing
pain will eventually come my way
expectation will knock on my door
reluctance will disguise its voice
and deliver me an overlay of comparative truth
disappointment will soon fill the air
I then see the self inflict
as I go down the hallway of memory
as the future is in slow-motion shambles
by not meeting me cleanly and assured
I believed to be what I had it as right
both in the time and in place,
where we were suppose to meet
but that was not the now that then happened
belief had my version in memory stock
but belief had no now to present it
belief is a roar of the past, yet only posing
as an add on for expectation to purchase
sort of so, to keep me in the ever-loop
and familiarity, constantly applauding
as belief is my effort
and that will be,
believe it or not,
me coming to terms,
with the death of me . . .

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