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Monday, July 17, 2017

glistening 7/17/17

all right angles tend to a stressful existence
clouds are inclined to self-organize
to represent a greater truth then themselves
all of nature gives gravity a dignity of expression
we don’t really listen for big
we thrive on magnificent trite
we are pagans to the earth itself
we are the most prodigal species by far
but earth still unconditionally loves us
we’re still hostel and demeaning
until we get it right
well, not even forest for the trees
we think and believe they stand in silence
there is choir everywhere ongoing
but we want myopic lyrics to every song
earth keeps humming ‘entrainment’,
as circadian, biologic and psychic continuums
but we have ‘mathematics’ as our confessor
all ‘logic’ is imprisoned by the force of conclusions
‘happenstance’ sees observation as a snitch
‘now’ never breaths in the air of futility
‘forever’ for us, lives between a dateline and a deadline
we are a passing assemblage
yet we are pride of existence,
glistening, as we are now grains of sand,
asking the oceans all around, to tell us,
what mountains did we come from . . .

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