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Friday, July 14, 2017

absentia to being 7/14/17

there is no whistle blower
for reality’s hidden agenda.
any vagrant inquiry is complicity
as self-conscious involvement .
no journalism can save out asses
from this human collusion.
there is no world government
that is not deep in the quicksand.
maybe we are drowning
and all the lifeboats are made of melting ice.
temporality as means
is not stamina providing inner strength.
any vision realized
is not transformation guaranteed.
even awareness brought into words
is still shallow breathing.
a conundrum like this, only exist
as if by otherwise outside-the-box perspective.
the leap is from seeing the light
to being of the light,
from being in the audience
to non-audience presence.
from a consciousness
that has no self-consciousness to it.
from parts of a whole
to interactive confluent connectivity.
I’m speaking about freedom
while langauging itself is restraint.
I am just a myopia of truth
in the free-fall of realizing that.
self-consciousness is a false presentation
as an adherence to being.
we are all addicted reality users
as we are all more abundantly used.
we are cognitively compliant
and the complexity for this duplicity is ever explored.
the process of truth telling ended
with the learning of the first spoken word.
we are not the enemy to ourselves
but we are displaced from a freedom to be.


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