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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

tasting the truth 7/12/17

we go to the cookie jar of affirmations.
we are lead there by expectation’s hand.
all of this is quite child like in nature.
some things are just so simplistic
that we don’t have cause
but we do have draw.
it is as if a mirror that expands
by the sense of being,
a permission to a full head of stream,
delight that comes to exist with no enemies,
a sense of ‘being’ the verb and never the noun.
to transcend circumstance with presence,
that is how that is done
but we do not know how.
it just comes to be so by living it alive.
nothing was really mindfully said at all
and yet the swarm of being has taken over.
we are captured by a hypnotic pheromone.
existence is in full pour,
in all directions.
newborns are so close to the truth of it
and they don’t have to labor with understanding.
to be honest,
life seems like a reclamation project,
to get back to the truth of being at all costs.
it is as if each cookie tasted is ingredient rich
and we are that recipe,
rich for discovery . . .

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