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Thursday, July 13, 2017

intoxi-can 7/13/17

every moment of awakeness
exists as a provider
the pharmacist of one’s consciousness
is always in, waiting on . . .
the inner dialogue with oneself
to provide for the prescription at hand.
so what is one to take as self administered?
take a breath and a thought
and get back to me in five.
and so how does that make you feel?
this work behind the counter goes on unceasingly
so many orders to fill,
mostly phoned in it seems,
as a constant barrage of requests.
wow, a walk up of mindfulness.
so how may I help you?
I would like something to take away the blahs.
no, no, rather, something to take me to the aha’s.
not a high, mind you, but an opening, as aware.
not something in contrast but more so, insightful.
something with a sense of permanence,
something to avail myself with, ongoingly.
nothing with too much detail
but more so straight up insight.
like a means of permanent flexibility throughout,
or a sense of self diligence readily at hand,
or a drawness to what might be a deeper calling.
something like that is what I had in mind.
the pharmacist of oneself wants a signoff from spirit.
asks, can you get that to me in short order?
and I, pause for a moment,
look inward and then respond,
why yes, I intoxi-can . . .

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