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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

wordiness 2/14/17

I use words to feel you up
to secrete a sense of intimacy,
to lay bare in revelation,
to dance with your internal motherboard
that makes you consciously jubilant,
to be showered by your auric presence,
to cleanse and refine, in honoring you.
where like attracts like is already kissing.
to be with you, of you, beyond where
the energetic truth, in each of us, emerges.
for this, I use words covered in meaning
but glowing with feel.
taste of yourself
and then loquaciously convey.
I will imbibe beyond your meaningfuls.
make sense senselessly rich to me
and your presence overwhelming
drinking in the liquid of your tones
coming into such viscosity
as coalesce can be . . .

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