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Friday, February 24, 2017

waited 2/24/17

please, breath your self alive
you are worth the life force to bother
our verbal intimacy,
so face to face, can wait
deal with the front page of your life
where we are fine print,
can have soft eyes
when they naturally occur
but I waited for you to think of me
not registered as my ears burning
but more so, a tap on my intuitive shoulder
I would smile an emotional
back your direction
as if we were otherwise touching
more like body to body,
a next to each other, notice that we are touching
even though for that to occur
I would have to think of distance as just our clothing
and contact as thoughtfulness communally etheric
where time would not alter our mutuality of mood
there, no expectations crowding to looksee or gander
we are there, sometimes always there
smooth as, sailing the seas as the sea . . .

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