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Sunday, February 5, 2017

a pause, to reflect . . . 2/5/17

‘downtime’ is vastness, stretching to be the light

‘earn’ is a mystic of self proof, ever attending

even ‘enough’ is already too much

every aspect of your life ‘viewed’, is a burdensome myopic

‘failure’ is the applause of focus, carrying on

finish chewing thoroughly, before swallowing death

focus is, what current hand skills of the mind, offer

good thoughts live, ‘great thoughts’ have a second life

happiness is not the carrot but it may be the ‘chew’

if you need permission then you lack the passion

itch is attention, coming into frame

logical is a handrail, binding, when over gripped

meeting ‘becoming’, should always be, face to face

money is a trust morality at work

opportunity is in drag, wanting you to party

play is always on but the game has its moments of basking

problems have undisclosed rules, for you to discover

seeing competition is compartmentalization’s viewpoint

seek response from those whose attention is grabbed

the frame of practical, ‘referenced’, is a distraction at heart

the sound around you is also in you and coming out of you

the ‘whole’ is always greater than what apparently exists

there is no ‘wait’ in being, just doing appears that way

‘thought’ only gets you this moment, as results

you’re never behind, just blinded by expectation’s shadow

your methods are your signature, the ink is always flowing

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