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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The theory of everything 2/21/17

Note that everything
has a distinct door by nominality.
In that we name everything,
presupposes us to be separate
or observational as spectators to the it of it.
Time has no beginning
in that we claim consciousness
is now our propagative
yet claiming is our method
but it has nothing to do
with consciousness’s existence
by our terming it to be so.
Consciousness will not be
either linguistic or mathematical in nature.
Potentially there is no comparative truth
in an essential manner of consciousness.
Language, in its static-ness,
does not lend itself
to beingness in the isness
by the efforts of meaning
but does exist by tonality into the isness.
Our perception is a collapsed reality
into representation and then meaning.
We do not experience
the discreet fluidity of consciousness.
We are travelers with baggage of the mind.
That we see particles as sensory available
is by our means of observational skills
that we claim them as evident.
In terms of consciousness,
our reality is totally theoretical
but defended by agreement and language
and a Machiavellian version of thought
potentiated by claim and name awareness.
Reality only invites us to consciousness
even though it is not representational
or available for display.
When is perception not proof?
We are enamored with what we get
for what we focus upon or frame.
We are not privileged to a view
as claim of consciousness.
Our consciousness is inferential at best.
Observer reality is only a formatting
but not the beingness of consciousness.
If the language is as an imparting method
then it speaks of channeling consciousness
of which there is no interpretation
brought down into perceived reality
within a pragmatic notion of time and space.
As long as we are kept by the notion
that nothing travels faster
than the speed of light
or that anything exists outside of time
and time dimensional measurements
in our consciousness,
then there is no information
because there is no method of reception
since we are preoccupied with a notion
of separate to receive.
The development of a non-local mind
or mind beyond space and time
that is participation
is not by cognition or otherwise
it supports methods of observation
and conclusion and a language account.
Matter is sort of the idiot light
that is relatable but primarily for
conventional conversational purposes.
All theory requires us to bathe
in the ocean of its existence.
Mind is the reflective mirror,
however obtuse that may seem,
is only upon the adventure there in.
The use of quantum entanglement
is ever ongoing and non-dismissible.
We are desperate to think,
as isolated as a method that this may seem
to exist yet driven towards awareness
and cognitive acknowledgment.
What if think,
in the theory of everything,
in the style we generally do,
is really excess baggage
and profoundly distracting
from being in source?

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