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Saturday, February 4, 2017

the Major “if” 2/4/17

welcome to the world of the major “if”,
life in parallels with nonexistent access,
the faintness of daydreams that wander off,
a recognition of self that never leads to the kiss.
even if if is “if only” a more sincere form of “if”
then that dream had the air of extensions to wear,
that thought had a momentum as if an emphasis.
but “if” depends upon contingencies
as if likelihoods and possibilities had wings to fly.
it is an “if” of a shallow breather,
an “if” without signature or eventualities.
it is an “if” reduced to mutterdom
where lip-service dies in its effort to say.
an “if” where the unforeseen
already has dark imposing shadows.
an “if” as a rogue wave that will never reach land.
an “if” that asks belief to “tell me no lies”.
an “if” that had a child in mind
that does not comes to the life of living it.
“if’ builds a fire from expectations with the woods
from the unexpected, the unanticipated,
the unfeasible, and the unbearable forest of tease.
this “if” basically should have the lifespan of a sneeze
and that’s it, and the “if” of it is all but complete.
welcome to the world of the major “if”.
as if (a short story based on a title
but yet to be readily seen . . .)

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