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Monday, February 6, 2017

there are no lessons learned 2/6/17

there are no lessons learned.
imprinting like that
only creates the burden of memories,
animated with trials and tribulations
as in the story of your life has weight affecting now
and worth to further distract you.
that of you, who seeks to frame, as lesson learned,
wants its job to continue unendingly
as if it is for you to be the manager of yourself,
as if that is truly you by your actions.
that is only the acceptable version, for audience approval.
the real you does not need a managerial sense of yourself
to carry on.
learning lessons falsely honors the exaltation of fear
as the great teacher of being.
as if the illusion creates the eyes of necessity,
to see it and see it through, as a way of life.
if the great dedication is to lessons learned
then life is circuitous and not transcendent.
there is no spirit to the path of lessons learned,
just badges of honor and customary rewards for accounting.
wisdom is not memory retained.
vision is not recall on guard to assist.
drawnness or calling is not adventure but return.
lessons as a framing style features admonishment
turned into accomplishment as reward.
in that we should all live to have a trophy room
in our sense of the absurdity of self.
and if you let this be a lesson to you,

you have totally missed the point …

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