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Friday, February 17, 2017

to be human 2/17/17

playing from the strength side of being
yet looking for the missing pieces in others.
wanting self-account verified, not reflection.
wanting, in the superlative, as if others provide.
a need for a deeply surveying attention span from early on
that caters towards growth as demonstrative measures.
always exuding the strength of being as proof of worth.
strength of being, sometimes shared as evidence of love.
vulnerability, intimacy and transparency, not evident.
hawking a position of service comes easy.
admitting to vulnerability, downheartedness, isolation
not so much on the growth list towards admittance.
natural traits still need elements and means of delivery.
acting natural, after say, age four, generally obliterated.
cue and response, however discreet, take over as operative.
no one is questioning this as process gone astray.
hard for anyone to catch an edge when affirmed into denial.
each person wakes up to this, suddenly, on very odd days.
contemplation of this, may be interrupted by a yawn.
it may exist as a passing thought, like clouds observed.
the distance from self observed to self attended is vast.
what self-talk covers that ground is not always at hand.
realizing the difference in one’s leg lengths as conclusions
can account for the largeness of repetitious circles 
thoughtfully revisited 
as if silent but banefully aware.
inner dialogue features a different kind of punctuation.
so what the humans are we?

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