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Monday, February 27, 2017

the burning of yearn 2/27/17

If everyone had a Go-Pro for eyes
and a web channel for a conscious brain
and a media search for the most-est,
could we get on with this deep thirst
with much more efficiently?
Topics seem to launch from the mouths
but fly away without a care in mind.
I want to know the world better than just order.
I wanted people with crayons in their hot hands
all over the daily pages of me.
I wanted radiant colors off of the fresh flower gardens,
in full bloom from looking into the eyes of others.
I wanted touching another to be in the way
that a river from a distant inland journey
meets up with the ocean itself
and they come to eventually embrace into one.
I wanted a sky full of empathy for clouds,
troubled clouds but being with sky presence,
all dissipated into love.
I wanted all these as metaphors to be pheromones,
filling lives with incentives and operatives as means.
I wanted wanting to make it so,
and that I would be the sun of endorsement
for this, from and for, all of us,
from the burning of yearn . . .

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