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Monday, February 13, 2017

Our one heart 2/13/17

I cry from beyond where weep
held in my hands, can take me.
I grasp beleaguered as a concept
that only has frame
and is empty of meaning within.
My tears open a vastness
beyond landfill that space can embrace.
There is this flow of intimacy
that has no time to its expression.
Any sampling of it
is the complete wonderment of the whole
without the distraction of only accessing a part.
Where my tears meet you,
we are one before birth and cognition.
I cry the wealth of you out of me
for me to see and sense directly,
having only known of you
as soul of our soul.
I cannot form a shape of mouth
to either say or kiss you.
I have in my senses,
no skin as separate from yours.
We are a landscape of contours
coming into one.
I weep and not know of it
as joy or sadness
but just connection that completes me
by being us.
Eventually all beings are this terrain
which has no landscape but feels complete.
I am being held up into a prominence of mind
from within an ocean of heart,
our heart as our one heart,
giving waves of expression
all around the world . . .

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