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Sunday, February 12, 2017

bi-lingualarity 2/12/17

there is a language spoken that takes up no time.
it is not a language easily understood by the mind
for the mind processes what is spoken
as if in audience, as an after-the-fact account,
presumed to be in the now.
this timeless language is without words as its measure.
when spoken, you are already part of it that is speaking.
and what you hear is yourself, speaking in heartfelt.
the pitch is so high that it is not in standard audio range
and as a listener, what you experience,
is yourself channeling what is said without words.
and this maybe constantly being spoken
but not as speech.
understanding follows and searches for this richness
but never becomes the reward of its adventure.
understanding retrieves translations
that are then subsequently interpreted. 
all of this is time laden with story
as an embellished enterprise.
there is this language spoken and it takes up no time.
the heart-brain is always in that timeless simultaneity
where speaking and listening are one and the same.
there, no one is speaking and no one is listening.
this beauty of this takes up no time,
as nothing is separately observable.
oneness finds a way into everyone.
consciousness, in spite of the burden of experience,
is ever opening,
both dimensionally and vibrationally.
you can’t be who you think you are
and know this to be true . . .

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