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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Always in isness 2/7/17

I accept the prison of universal awareness,
even though it exhausts my isness
into a reflective sensory distractive phase.
I agree to live
in the confines of all knowingness
even as it preoccupies me
into a spectral limitation
of just what it is to know.
It seems I have succumb
to subject/object-ness as a syndrome
of experiential acuity.
I am battered by the insistence
of time-binds
and the false representations
of special considerations
that the mass of me over demonstrates
on my behalf.
It is with great resistance
that I come to seek language
as a means of getting closer
to what is quantum
inherently already one in the same.
I can well imagine the ethics
that are falsely applied to tears and touch
and acts of tenderness
as seen from the outside of oneness
looking in.
I now know that misery is also a prayer,
that depression takes up a lot of space
in a lonely but essentially connected way,
that an eye for an eye
has a spiritual magnetism to it
as much as a shared kiss
or the death of one’s closest friend.
Please know this,
beingness is never on the outside looking in. 
Experience is a fallback position
and one….., we were, are
and always in, as yet is isness,
that will always be, and be-yond. . .

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