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Saturday, January 14, 2017

wherewithal(L) 1/14/17

How literal is the reference to “wherewithalL”
as if it were the grandness of unity
in where-with-all?
If I infer it,
am I at a distance?
Is wherewithalL only referential
or is it a continuum in me?
In my mind’s eye,
is wherewithalL contextual?
Does wherewithalL ever have depiction?
Is it conceivable
without being an act of distraction?
If it is biblical,
is it like Noah’s Ark,
where divergence is
an expression of oneness?
Is it all quantum
where I have surrendered from Newtonian?
Is it totally thoughtless
but all heart?
Do we have a language there
but without words?
Is there annunciation
but without pronouncement?
Do we have a sense of spirituality
but no concept of religion?
Is there clarity
but without prerogatives?
Is it consummate
but without identification?
Is there song
but no convention towards chorus?
Is there blood as if it were all oceans?
Is there breathing as if we were sky?
Do I know myself
as species or spirit or stardust,
where genuine has no need for proof?
Is it integral
yet quite thoughtless and seamless
and wholly of one soul?
Is wherewithalL ever without location,
completeness or summary?
And is asking this
ever an admission of denial? . . .

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