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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

knowability 1/4/17

Unknowingly, we live in each other
yet professed to be in the knowledge
of lobbying for an endpoint stance
that the obviousness of substance,
is, for us, a substance abuse of reality
as almost a blatancy addiction.
I take time off
from the time-honoring notion of knowability,
to be.
Knowing is a be-canceling headset.
Knowing is wearing a trench coat consciousness
pandering factual stills
and the capacity to memorably flash with them.
Knowing is a pre-occupational bias against the now.
Knowing is a falsification of who you are
but referentially and overwhelmingly popular.
Knowing is a fencing operation
to catch spirit on the sly
and documenting evidence for proof
to next moment’s disavowal.
In the faux of now,
knowability is the soup of life
but also the renunciation
of the timeless bowl of spirit.

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