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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

consciousness as to content 1/31/17

the difficulty is that we make consciousness evident,
as if by content,
as if that provides a sure grip on something,
which seems so vague if we don’t use content
as the evidence and the descriptive.
consciousness is only dressed up in content,
as if by the style we use
filled with story and identifiables
and the certitude of account.
none of those actually have any direct involvement
with consciousness,
they just appear to.
consciousness is not stream of thought either
although if one were not appeased by communication
as supposedly the means of consciousness,
then what would consciousness be?
that we take on language and meaning
and the apparencies of logic and a sensible life
as if that is consciousness,
most of that is fill and viable surface
for the convenience of appraisal.
we sometimes associate consciousness with intelligence
but that too features representation
as if the defining element of consciousness.
it is as if the assumption is
that consciousness is substantive in nature.
that there is a definite medium of measure
available to it.
it certainly cannot be like
the relationship of particle to wave
where it cannot be definitely identified
as specifically so in the now.
we also like consciousness to have emotional elements
that are involved and evident too.
we want consciousness to have inroads to spirit
and possibly soul type qualities that appear.
all of this is of the convenience of the observer
to objectify as if it was measurable in passing. 
consciousness as if accounted by content,
however that assemblage is composed
does not constitute consciousness.
the symbology used, the language embodiment,
the lifestyle, or the presence
does not yield the full spectrum of consciousness
that is present or in broadcast.
the carriage of that essence as it streams is definite
but not definable.
it is divine but really indescribable.
consciousness is an energetic in broadcast
but not limited to that which we make out as experience. 
conscious is not the sum total of thought either
or the manifestation of feelings
as if direct from source.
consciousness is a greater expanse of being
than summation can provide
and consciousness, as the product of content,
is just wildly false and misleading.
to embrace consciousness is a process of immersion.
by the time it would surface
as agreement or languaged or shared embodiment, 
consciousness has moved beyond
the efforts of claim or acknowledgment.
consciousness if ever the flow and being
is ever the presence of that
without regard to any method of account
as if observed from
as a separate action in an experiential way or means. 
consciousness has no direct relationship to content,
that handle has been a curiosity
but only of interest
not of essence

or of essential means . . .

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