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Monday, January 30, 2017

The particles we be in space 1/30/17

The smaller the particle of mass,
the less it is essentially ever in time.
The smaller the particle of mass,
the more space it can possibly occupy.
I am there, as are you also
but feel time-bound
with the excess baggage of me
pinned in the confines of what I claim as mine.
Intuitively, I sense I want to be everywhere
and no where
but oppressed with a logic and 24/7 evidence
consciously impeding and ever impending.
Thought arriving at language is a lifeline
that metaphorically keeps me separate
by saving me from a universe
where I cannot use understanding.
Oneness cannot be identified and still be here
with the preoccupation of experience bearing down.
When I go to there of everywhere and then return,
I feel the after affects of a full emptiness.
I feel a sense of timelessness unburdening me.
There is an energetic motion involved
much like being a conduit for all that passes through
and being some of that which passes
and that which assists with emptiness
for the passing to unendingly continue.
It feels vast without confinement
as all things are one to each other
and fully in dynamic motion unto each as themselves.
All of the mind tools of measurement, account, description,
precision, and even bystander consciousness do not apply.
If I was pressed into words
as a person to identify
what this feels like that has words to say,
I would have to say,
it is all celebration.
It is the substantive expression of joyless joy ongoing,
as if I could have words and not distance you from me
and from what we all are as these particles of mass
and the space we possibly occupy in doing so . . .

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