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Thursday, January 19, 2017

suffering’s 5 second rule 1/19/17

so if you drop yourself,
down on to the floor of suffering
suddenly or otherwise
you have 5 seconds to pick yourself up,
be it, and own it.
the task is to get beyond all of the overwhelm
and the grounding conclusions
that flash into your mind.
5 seconds of that, full-on overwhelm
and then you have to pick yourself up,
and leave all those bottom-out conclusions
that make up the suffering bind.
and right there, right then, right in that instant,
get back up into being current within yourself.
no, not as a victim or an injured party
or a third party fallout emotionally blanketed
with the floorboards of a sufferer’s world.
no, look at it this way,
you have 5 seconds to pick yourself up
and get back up into you,
into the true essence of you.
to get beyond your crushing current circumstance
that otherwise would represent you,
as you, and your suffering
as you then would identify yourself as such.
and of course, you would begin to enroll everyone else
as audience, to appease, aid or ignore you.
you are their false entertainment in dramatic fashion,
as the story of you as an agent of suffering goes.
now, others have become only the first person audience.
no one can heal you nor save you.
but it would serve you if they really saw you
deeply beyond their conclusions
formulated by your suffering’s presence.
thus the intuitive use of the 5 second rule is invoked.

another reason for suffering’s 5 second rule
is all about the nature of experience.
for suffering is all about information.
maybe it is massively incoming
and then your reaction is to response to it,
whether that be physical pain,
emotional sadness or grief.
it is initially informational overload.
experience on the intake is like that.
we train 24/7 to be like that
and that is where suffering’s wealth resides.
but imagine in this situation
if experience is on the out-put,
not based on any experience intake
as the flashflood of suffering’s onset
but on the essence of your experience output,
the experience of the spirit of you,
the heart of you, the soul of your conscious you.
being the experience coming out of you.
and so you use the 5 second rule to make that shift
from information input overload
to the essential radiance of your experience out-put.
yes, everyone has a relearning curve
(we are all born healers but in reality denial),
and there is no timeline implied.
as it is what it is,
as the realization then becomes clearer
that you are your first person healer
of your own circumstance from deeply within you.
you are the radiance shaman of your conscious self.
you have the 5 second rule to make that shift,
every first time during the course of your life.
this is really your intuition’s suffering’s 5 second rule.
know it and abide.
opportunities will surely come.
know by self-revelation
that suffering is always a wardrobe
and you are essentially being,
beneath and behind all of those clothes
and the superficial dress codes implied.
when opportunity knocks,
you have 5 seconds to respond
yes, intuitively, with suffering’s 5 second rule . . .

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  1. thank you for this practice and wisdom. blessings!