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Sunday, January 15, 2017

the hero narrative as imprisonment 1/15/17

heros and sheros are blind commitments.
given to acts of audience appeal.
these are labels of heroic victimhood.
being known as a hero or shero
is an injustice as much as celebrity.
the label is libel
as much as fame is a distance of separation.
the spotlight of recognition is a curse.
it simplifies any relational account.
it lives in memories as others preserve.
one has reputational odor wherever they go.
secrecy is now necessary for solace.
everyone else around
has rights to first topic with your presence.
you are the living verb in their account.
you could be frozen in clear amber
for others to ever appreciate when seen.
social distance then becomes its own means.
living in the custody of other’s observation.
falsely played as a sense of self worth.
hard to ever leave the stage
when always in the presence of others.
it is the shadow-side of parlayed goodness.
it is the tattoo of self done in facial recognition.
the memory of others then curses you
with time honored replays.
it then becomes an honored moment
from the past that never ends.
a character trait out of scale to your living.
the hero/shero narrative formats one’s life.
you can embrace your exile as richly rewarding.
but exile is an existence with shortcomings.
people may love you for your fame and influence.
you become way too center stage for actual living.
the myth of your life is buffered into real.
what witness protection program honors you?
the contracts for personal friendship
have been at least subtly yet inescapably altered.
you have won the honor lottery big
and now others’ expectations are a providing escort.
oh the acts of themselves are precious
and sacred in service
the deeds in deliverance are more readily in need
everywhere applied
but the label of hero or shero assigned
and then the narrative shared
are the permanent cast and the ongoing curse.

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