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Monday, January 23, 2017

symmetry 1/23/17

symmetry is the essential fragrance of sight.
before the time it is recognized as beautiful,
it’s esthetic billboard material.
that is how instantaneously penetrative symmetry is.
symmetry is synesthesia of the first order.
it’s shockwave is before recognition renders.
in nanoseconds,
it humbles questioning
by sheer nano-second pheromone presence.
symmetry has sacred-cut integrity at its soul level.
it all sings one inner vibrational note
purely and simply,
speaks the language in code uniformly distributed
yet profoundly disguised as if in camouflage
that its shape is impressionistic by nature.
symmetry is a story told without nouns.
it will appear to stampede at a busy mind.
it is the sky bound release
of the doves of beyond comparative truth.
all of reality perceiving,
is only in its attendance.
deceptively, it comes in all shapes and sizes.
symmetry cannot be contemplated without surrender.
symmetry is a mirror for one’s self-reflecting,
in the now of it,
for very, very short but profoundly discreet
periods of conscious oneness . . .

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